Why You Need to Visit Ecuador in 2018

Guest post by Wendy Dessler

Photo by  Abbie Bernet  on  Unsplash

Ecuador—home to Gerardo and Gabriela Villalba—has much to see and do. With it being the largest cacao exporter and being that it sits on several volcanoes, you have your fair share of adventures to take while exploring this beautiful country.

With the New Year coming up, why not plan a trip to Ecuador to start the year off right. Read on to learn why you need to visit this country in 2018!

1. Check Out the Museo Templo del Sol Pintor Ortega Maila

Ortega Maila is a famous Ecuadorian painter; view his artwork in the Museo Templo del Sol, which resembles an Inca temple. Once inside, you’ll see the dramatic scenery of the art gallery.

You may even get a chance to see Maila at work on one of his paintings; heralded as a fast painter, tourists have said he completed a painting for them in under 4 minutes.

Other than housing Maila’s work, the art gallery (and historical museum) also serves as a holistic center where tourists can buy different types of oils and sample coca tea, which is known to cure altitude sickness.

Admission is roughly $3 per ticket, making the Museo Templo del Sol Pintor Ortega Maila a budget-friendly (and enjoyable) travel destination.

2. Explore the Iglesia de La Campania de Jesus

The Iglesia de La Campania de Jesus is a beautiful Jesuit Church in Ecuador and a go-to travel destination for tourists.

It is adorned with baroque and Quiteno-colonial art, and has gilded columns and gold altars. Its lavishness makes the Iglesia de La Campania de Jesus one of the most elaborate structures in Ecuador.

Know that there are English and Spanish speaking local guides who can take you on a tour through the church. Normally, admission is roughly a $5 entrance fee; however, when there is mass, it is free to go in.

3. Get on Board a Sightseeing Night Tour

Will this be your first time traveling to Ecuador? If so, it is recommended to get on board a double-decker tour bus and see Quito, Ecuador’s capital, at night.

As you drive around at night, you will see all of Quito’s landmarks lit up and enjoy Calle La Ronda.

Again, this is great for first-time travelers who aren’t sure what to do and aren’t familiar with Ecuadorian culture and attractions.

4. Walk Around Otavalo Market

Otavalo Market features indigenous arts and much more. Take a local cultural tour around the market so you get the full experience. Enough said.

5. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

Did you know Ecuador is the largest exporter of cacao? Yes, that’s right; if you are a chocolate enthusiast, according to CNN, you’ll need to take a 2-day tour on a cacao farm in the Amazon to see how cacao is grown and produced. That and also have a nibble or two of the delightful and flavorful treat.

Know that cacao is a hard to produce so if you aren’t from an area that grows it locally, we recommend that you do this experience.

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Photo by  Huib Scholten  on  Unsplash

Final Thoughts: Why You Should Plan a Trip to Ecuador in the Upcoming Year

Ecuador is a beautiful country with much to explore. Seek out these experiences and talk to tourists who have been there to see what they recommend.

What other attractions in Ecuador do you recommend? Any tips to first-time tourists? What has your experience been like traveling to this country? Let us know by sending us a message HERE!