Travel Info and Helpful sites

After over a year on the road, we've learned a lot. Here are a couple of the blogs that we've written with our best travel advice, and some other sites that we've found to be really helpful along the way!


Best Beaches in Guatemala

We got an email from this site after they read our Guatemala posts and asked if we'd be interested in sharing their info. It's a good write up on what's available in Guatemala. If we'd had this list before we left there, we might have gone to the beach! Guess we'll have to go back now!

Darien Gap - Shipping From Panama to Colombia

Our friend's Josh and Jenna of Travel Amateurs were life savers when it came to shipping our truck from Central to South America. Here's their write-up on all the ins and outs of the process!

Photo by  Abbie Bernet  on  Unsplash

Why you need to visit Ecuador in 2018

Our first guest post, wonderfully written by Wendy Dessler! 
Ecuador—home to Gerardo and Gabriela Villalba—has much to see and do. With it being the largest cacao exporter and being that it sits on several volcanoes, you have your fair share of adventures to take while exploring this beautiful country.