Starting Point: Salem, OR, October 10, 2016
Points of Interest: See map below
First Final Destination: Ushuaia, Argentina, TBD, Approximately end of 2018
Next Starting Point: Cape Town, South Africa, TBD, Approximately early 2019
Final Destination: Cairo, Egypt, TBD, Approximately 2020

The whole point of this trip for us is to not be limited with an exact route, but to have the freedom to visit any of the locations that we're really interested in. So here is a map we've made that features some of the places we'd love to visit. We plan to play an EPIC game of Connect-the-Dots to see them all! Check back often, we'll update new points of interest and once we actually hit the road, we'll map out where we visit and link to our blog entries.

We would also LOVE to hear your suggestions! Email us at or visit our Facebook page to send us your suggestions!