Starting Point: Salem, OR, October 10, 2016
Route To Date: See map below
Final Destination: Adulthood?

The whole point of this trip for us is to not be limited with an exact route, but to have the freedom to visit any of the locations that we're really interested in. We have a tentative route that roughly follows the classic PanAmerican route, but we tend to make our own path when we travel. Lonely dirtroads are just too tempting to be locked into a route or a hard schedule!

We add a map of our campsites for each country we travel in which can be found in our wrap-up, "favorite things" blogs marked with our route inside the country and our each campsite we stayed in. 

The map below is a very close approximation of our route between every campsite we've had since mainland Mexico and the most recent country we've exited. The map is always one country behind, never showing our current route, but will be updated as soon as we've left a country and have a complete data set.