When you first tell people about a trip like this, there are undoubtedly a lot of questions... Here are
some of the most common ones we get and our always changing answers:

  1. What made you want to do this trip?
    • A trip south to Patagonia has always been on KP's bucket list. The idea of being able to travel on your own power to the southern end of the world was an incredible feat that he sought to conquer. 
      Taylor had to be more persuaded... It took reading several books and blogs from other travels, and a trip backpacking and driving around Uganda and Namibia to become fully convinced that selling our beautiful house and living in our vehicle was the right move. Once the decision was made though, neither of us has looked back!
  2. How are you able to afford this? Did you win the lottery?
    • The planning of this trip took about two years. Figuring out what the projected costs would be (daily expenses, shipping the truck, etc.), what the fixed costs would be (camper, truck upgrades), and how much we wanted to have left when we got home, was the first step. Lucky for us we were able to use the research of those that went before us like, Drive Nacho Drive, Life Remotely, John and Mandi and so many more!
    • What we discovered in our research is how little it actually costs to live day to day in Central and South America. With daily costs under $100, we would spend less than half what we spend in a month at home, living on the road. 
    • We then started saving, investing, and selling stuff. The big one was selling our house, which we were lucky enough to get at a steal in 2013 and sell at the perfect time in May of 2016. We put away some of that money into a high interest savings account with Ally Bank (at about 1.5% interest), put some into our existing stock account, and the rest we used to buy rental properties with a partner. This gives us a little passive monthly income and keeps us building equity at home. 
    • We also got the opportunity through Taylor's old company to come home for three months in the summer and work. So Taylor spends July-September working her 100% commission sales job and KP works on various fabrication and overlanding projects in the Portland area. Then we get back on the road in October. 
  3. Do you guys make money from your blog?
    • We do not. We write our blog every Monday as a travel log for us, friends at home, friends we meet on the road, and our families. If it makes its way beyond that group to the general public and accidentally inspires someone else to travel, then that is just an awesome by-product!! However, after 18 months on the road and over 100 blog posts, we have reluctantly added a Donate button to our site for those interested in buying us a beer along the way! 
  4. What's your planned route?
    • The plan right now is mostly to have no plan. We have spots we'd like to visit but no exact plan.  We take our plans about a week at a time, deciding what upcoming sights we would like to see and then planning our route accordingly. See our Trip Page for our "kind-of" route, and be sure to check out our wrap-up "Favorite Things" post for each country where we post the route we actually took through the country and our various campsites.
  5. How long will you be gone?
    • Not really sure yet... We're thinking that the first leg of our trip down to South America will take us about 18 months to 2 years. Then if the budget holds out and we haven't filed for divorce, we might ship the truck to Cape Town, SA and spend a few months driving around the Southern African countries. OR... we ship the truck to Canada and make our way home through Canada and the US for a few months. OR... we take a break from the truck and get some motorcycles to drive around Europe for a few months.  The possibilities are endless... too bad the budget isn't!
  6. What will you do when you get back?
    • This is the most surprising question to us and almost everyone asks us this one. The short answer is we have NO IDEA! As KP always says "We have three years of staring out the windshield to decide that." We may come home and settle right back where we left, we may find some up-and-coming destination for outdoorsy folks like the next Bend, OR, or we may just buy an avocado farm in Chile and settle there. We have nothing but options and a few years to decide!


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