One of the biggest transitions in our trip planning happened 3 weeks ago. We moved out of our 2,000 square foot home and into our 400 square foot studio apartment for the last 4 months before we leave. This was a transition that we prepared for of course, but we didn't know exactly how it would go when it finally happened.

Despite the initial adjustment period, and the feeling that there should be another room somewhere, we have adjusted remarkably well. The freedom of having gotten rid of so much clutter has left us feeling lighter and freer. We are finding new things every week to add to our Goodwill trips, and they are starting to know us by name now when we show up. :)

The biggest adjustment we worried about was melding our personal spaces and our differing schedules. KP is an early bird who likes to be in bed by 9pm. I like to sleep until the very last moment possible and feel I am most productive in the hours before I go to bed at around 11pm. Now that KP's "office" is inches from the bed, and the TV is in the "dining room", we have had to start melding those schedules. It's been a bit of a struggle, but we know that this will help us for when we're traveling together and will want to be on the same schedules. Plus the more time we have together, the happier we both are.

The moral here is, we don't miss our big house, we don't miss the freedom to have our separate schedules, and we are no longer worried about the transition to our even smaller space. People always joke with us upon hearing about the trip that they would kill their spouse if they spent that much time on the road with them, or at the least get tired of them. Frankly, we're just not worried about that... we love spending time together and we can't wait until we get to do it full time!