Getting Ready For Overland Rally

Next week we head to Northwest Overland Rally 2016 in Plain, WA. This is the place where like-minded overlanders meet to talk about their experiences, their plans, their gear, and share a lifestyle. 

This time last year, we were in the VERY early stages of planning. So early in fact, I didn't even get the time off to go to this event, deciding it was easier for KP and his brother Jordan to go to make contacts and meet some cool people. This was before we had a camper (or even knew what kind of camper we were going to get), had a name for our trip, or really any certainty that this would really happen. This year, we have a logo, we have business cards, we have a website (It's a little rough, but it's coming together), and most importantly we have a plan! 

Can't wait to show off the work KP has been doing on his amazing custom flat bed, check out the awesome classes offered, and meet the next group of individuals heading out this fall for their trips! We hope to meet some incredible people and start making contacts that may be the people we will see the world with!