New Beginnings

***This post is coming from both Taylor and KP, even though it says only KP Pawley as the author at the top. (It's a Squarespace limitation).


After nearly 10 years of marriage, we have decided to part ways as friends. When we started this trip, it was in the hopes of
saving a marriage already on the verge of failure, and for a while
it did.

Eventually, though, your problems catch up with you; even as
you run from country to country and adventure to adventure.

We appreciate anyone giving advice, or encouraging us to try
harder, but those who are closest to us know we’ve been giving it
our best for a long, long, time now. Without any children
together, we want to make what we feel is an inevitable break on
our own terms; parting ways with our love and respect for each
other intact.

We’re proud of what we’ve built together in Running From
Monday. It was an excellent adventure and neither of us would
trade a minute of our time together; the good, or the bad. We are
going to keep this website active so people can continue to find
information about overlanding and our trip. We may on occasion
add stories and updates to the site for those interested in what
we are working on, but there will no longer be regularly scheduled Monday posts.

We both have exciting plans for the future, our adventures won’t
stop simply because we’re moving forward solo. We'll be
using our own pages more actively so you can follow each of us on Facebook and Instagram @taylor.pawley and @kp.pawley.

We can’t thank you enough for your love and support for us as
individuals, as a couple, and as Running From Monday. The
single greatest part of this experience has been getting to know so many truly remarkable people.

Please know that we love you,
-Running From Monday