Home for now

$100,000 Pyramid Question:

“Are you sure we’re doing the right thing?”

“You know we don’t have to do this?”

“Ugh, this is so stupid, why are we doing this?”

“I feel like we might regret this.”

Is the category, things you say to your husband before you sell your house, move into your car and drive to Central America? That would make sense right? No, the category is things you say when you spontaneously decide to put your truck in storage in Costa Rica, fly home for four months, and go back to the job you couldn’t wait to leave eight months ago. I had no feelings of anxiety when we packed up and left, but for some reason coming home had me feeling like we were making the wrong decision.

If you’re not caught up, we are in Oregon right now. Two months ago we were in Guatemala living next to a mountain lake and day drinking with fellow overlanders. Then my dad called to say he had set a wedding date and wanted to fly us home in September so we could be there. We had already been talking about coming back in March next year to work for a couple months and see everyone, so we decided to just up that timeline. I emailed my old boss to see if they would have any work for me to do in October, I figured while I was home, might as well make a little money. Instead of October though, he offered to have me work July-September at a different location and with a housing allowance. The offer was too good to pass up so we booked our plane tickets for the end of June and rushed towards Costa Rica.

First day back at work.

First day back at work.

Going back to work scared me a lot. I had left this job with ZERO intentions of coming back. Sales and 100% commission had turned me into a ball of stress and a person I didn’t really like anymore. But after a couple months on the road, I realized I really missed the routine and stability that having a job gives you. Don’t get me wrong, living on perpetual vacation is amazing, but after a while you miss the feeling you get from being a productive member of society.

I stressed about going back the whole week before I started and the night before my first day I barely slept. What if I hated working and doomed myself to a miserable three months out of some misguided need for “stability?” Or worse, what if I loved it so much that going back on the road seemed like the wrong thing to do. When I walked in the doors and saw my old boss and my new coworkers, I felt a little better. By 10am I was right back at it and by noon I had made my first sale.

Here are some other things I have enjoyed about being back:

1)    Beer, glorious, delicious, hoppy, wonderful, beer! Oh also whisky, god I missed whisky!

2)    Buying groceries from the same store every week and knowing that when you need something like milk, you’ll be able to buy the same brand and it’ll be in the same place every time!

3)    Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. and the necessary high speed internet that goes along with those things. I have caught up on iZombie, Black Mirror, New Girl, The Mindy Project, and am halfway through Arrow and Flash… Oh my god, I am so boring… you have my permission, in fact I encourage you, to stop reading now…

4)    Did I mention beer?

5)    Spending time apart… I’ll elaborate on this one below so it doesn’t seem like we hate each other.

6)    Going to family bbq’s and picnics, and dinners with old friends.

7)    Oh and whisky… you also have probably realized by now that we are alcoholics…

Having space from your partner is very healthy, as anyone whose been in a long-term relationship can attest to. KP and I have been together for 150 years… or maybe just 12, I don’t know, I lost count. When we left for our trip, we were excited to spend more time together, though we knew it would be hard at times. What we didn’t anticipate was how weird it is to do everything together, and suddenly not have anything to talk about. There was no “how was your day honey” because we already knew the answer. “I sat next to you in the truck all day while we listened to Chronicles of Narnia, and then we had dinner together and watched a movie, you?” “Uh, yeah, me too.” We would reach a breaking point every once in a while, and we knew we just needed some time apart. That is when we started having dinner separately. We would go to a town, get comfortable with the area and then just go to separate restaurants and have dinner. Then when we came back together we would have stories to tell each other about the people we met, or the dinner we ate, or nothing at all, but it gave us a much needed break from each other.

Now that we’re home, we spend a lot less time together, but I would say the time we do spend together is of more quality. Although I have to admit, KP spent the weekend away at Dirtquake with his buddies and I was legitimately sad when he got back because I had so much more me-time to catch up on!! And so many more chick flicks to watch!! Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to snuggle on the couch watching Fargo and drink mimosas, ugh gross! I can’t wait to go back to work tomorrow so I can get away from this guy!

Welcome to the phase of us being boring normal people again. I’ve included pictures of our HUGE “apartment” (and by apartment I mean room behind a garage where we share a bathroom and kitchen with a nice middle-aged man) so that you can see how glamorous our life in Oregon is. We’re happy to be back, but I think we’ll be ready to get back on the road come October!