Living in Overlanding Heaven and Making New Plans

We’ve been saying since we left home that the way we want to travel is spending more time in fewer places. Has that been the case so far… not really. We spent a week and a half in San Cristobal taking Spanish lessons, and we spent an accidental week at the Old Belize Marina by working on truck and internet projects, but up to this point we’ve been moving pretty quickly. Ok, not quickly, it took us seven months to drive 3600 miles, but you get what I’m saying right? We want more quality time, and less driving every day just to get to the next place.

Our trip through Northern Guatemala in Pictures
(click the arrows in top right for more pics)

In Guatemala, so far we’re doing pretty good. We took two weeks to see Northern Guatemala and then we drove straight to Lake Atitlan where we plan on staying for close to six weeks in total. We are staying at Chez Pierre-Pasaj Cap which can only be described as Overlander Heaven. We are a quiet, 15 minute walk to a great little village with a mix of local foods and ex-pat restaurants, as well as well-stocked (albeit quite expensive) tiendas. The camp has beautiful, clean bathrooms and showers (mostly hot even!), laundry service, a freezer stocked with local fish, shrimp, and carne, plus good wine for 50Q per bottle (about $6). Oh and this is our view every day… It definitely doesn’t suck.

The icing on the incredible homemade tres leche cake, is that we are surrounded by a rotating group of other overlanders who all hang out together, have a daily happy hour, can give you a cup of flour if you need it (as long as you’re ok with gluten free almond flour), and who provide endless joy and entertainment to our days. We are also taking four weeks of Spanish classes, while we’re here, at the incredible San Marcos Spanish School in San Marcos, so our days are full of both work and play. Language has become such an important part of our lives that KP is writing a whole blog post about it for next week.

On the day this update posts, we have our second visitor from home flying in to Guatemala City and we will bring her back to this incredible place and spend two weeks showing her the area and overlanding life. She made the mistake of offering to bring us anything we need from home, but when the Amazon boxes started showing up each day, I think she realized her error. We love you Eva, can’t wait to show you around!

In the spirit of trying to spend more time in fewer places, we also made kind of a big decision that will shape our next few months on the road. When we have finished our time her at the lake and are done visiting more of Guatemala we are planning to drive back North (to Mexico or Belize depending on shipping costs) and ship our truck directly to Cartagena, Columbia. We decided that the heat and humidity of Central America and the allure of the mountains of Patagonia were two good reasons to jump a few months ahead to Columbia. We also anticipate the shipping costs to be the same or less than they would have been in Panama. We are a little sad we’ll miss Central America, but we know that we can always come visit again… possibly on a sailboat… : )

If all goes according to plan, we’ll be hitting the shores of South America around the beginning of July! Can’t wait to see what a whole new continent has to offer! Until then, we’re working on our Spanish in the paradise that is Lake Atitlan.