Saying Goodbye Again

This week we’ve been making the rounds to say good bye to family again as we prepare to head back to Costa Rica in a couple weeks.  This time around we know we’ll be gone until next June so it’s more important than ever to spend quality time together. We won’t bore you with all the details of our family time, but here are the highlights and some pictures.

We started the week off with dinner with Dad, Tami, Chyanne, and Rico. We sadly did not get any pictures of this, but know that much steak, wine, and cigars were consumed!

Then a visit to the ranch to see my mom. The ranch is looking incredible and mom’s latest adventure into farming has kept her running all summer. We spent time with some of our favorite people, Jim and Cindy, eating elk burgers and watching Audad (a mountain sheep native to Africa that was introduced in to North America) frolick on the hill behind the house. The next morning, we took a drive around the ranch and saw about 400 elk, 25 turkeys, well over 100 deer, a coyote, and one lone antelope tagging along with the deer. It was incredible!

We spent the rest of the week at KP’s moms house. KP passed a sign while he was on his way to go mountain biking advertising a 5k trail run, so he signed us all up for the Saturday morning event. We prepared for the race by eating mountains of brownies, bread, and cookies, and taking a family drive over the mountain to our favorite burger joint in Elgin. We did take a small hike in the middle of the drive, but we fueled up with more cookies purchased along the way. KP took first place in the 5k trail run, a surprise to only him, and we celebrated his victory by making a full Fakesgiving meal complete with roasted chicken (we couldn’t find fresh turkey this early in the season), mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy. Oh and of course pumpkin pie! So pretty much we spent the whole weekend eating! Also we celebrated KP’s birthday on Sunday, but he is not that into birthdays so I will just take a moment to wish him a happy birthday here… Happy Birthday KP!

Next week I am off to London for a week of sightseeing and theatre, and KP will be going on a solo motorcycle trip around central Oregon, then it’s back to Costa Rica… in other words, we’ll finally have something interesting to write about again! Thanks for sticking it out with us this summer while we were being boring at home! : )