Free Space

So you know that spot in Bingo, the free space? The one that allows you to fill in a place without really doing anything? This blog is like that.

Taylor’s in Europe and I spent the week packing up and organizing our apartment, beginning the logistics of shipping our rig to Colombia, and practicing my Chevy repair skills on my mom’s truck.

We do have a few good blogs in the works though, so be on the lookout for Taylor's report from her solo trip to London, a few location specific travel guides, and another of my rambling personal essays, this one on travel safety. 

For right now, here’s a picture of my beautiful wife with a sassy retort for the missing member of our family. I know we’re all looking forward to being reunited on the road!



Also, it’s Rebelle Rally time again this year! Even though Team Why Not is sitting 2017 out, it’s still a great event with a lot of awesome ladies in competition. Follow their adventures here.