Back on the road!


Good news everyone! We officially booked our tickets back to Costa Rica for October 26th. Soon this blog won’t be just boring stuff we’re doing at home, it’ll be back to us doing boring things in beautiful foreign places.  

I really enjoyed my summer continuing to run from Monday while my wonderful wife worked her tail off to bring home the bacon. Seriously though, since we’ve been back in the States, we eat a lot of bacon. I got to spend a lot of great time with our friends the Dancing Fireflies and checked two things off my list that I’ve always wanted to learn- riding a motorcycle and flying airplanes. While I’ve still got a lot to learn at both, especially flying airplanes, it feels really good to have finally made the time to prioritize some of those things it seemed I could never justify in our previous life. 

While I did have a great time this summer, I learned another thing too. I discovered I’m really not my happiest self without a bit more purpose. Even though Taylor is a wonderfully encouraging, patient, and supportive wife, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for opportunities to be a productive member of society when we come back again next year. 


This summer went by so fast! I got back to work on July 3rd in full force and worked my butt off until yesterday Septermber 29th, so that I could spend the rest of the year playing! My goal was to sell about $300,000 (a respectable goal that would make us enough money to be worth coming home for the summer), but in reality I sold over $400,000 (enough to counteract the fact that we were over our set budget each month… yikes must have been all that bacon). So it was a really successful summer. The best part was the reset it gave me in feeling useful again. I love traveling and doing it long term is incredible, but after a while it’s hard not to feel a little adrift.  

It was awesome to spend time with family. I got to see my dad get married last weekend, I got to spend a lot of time with my mom who started a successful business this summer and has been working like crazy. I got to see my sister who is making waves in a growing industry, and we got to spend time with KP’s mom and family both on the farm and at cool places like OMSI! We also got to spend time with family and friends we had never made time for in the past, and now I am so glad we have!  

I also discovered an unhealthy love for Escape Rooms which is an incredible (but expensive) hobby if you’re into solving puzzles and mysteries with the added adrenaline of a 60 minute timer. Thank God we were so busy or I think we would have done all that Portland had to offer in our short time home!  

All in all, It’s been wonderful to be back home, but I am so excited to get back on the road and back to traveling. That starts for me with a solo trip to London. I leave on the 10th for a week of sightseeing, Harry Potter theatre, pub drinking, more Harry Potter, and as many awesome museums as I can see!