KP's Overland Rally Part 2: The Rally

~Just one of cool vendors at Overland Rally~

Northwest Overland Rally is a gathering of vehicle based adventurers of all stripes. A group of people who typically take to the road in search of solitude and self-reliance, converge on a single field in beautiful Plain Washington.

There are people from all across the globe, and every one of them has an intimidatingly interesting story. It's not uncommon to hear casual chat about crossing African borders while in line to order burritos, or to become engaged in a rousing discussion involving roof top tents or active traction management. 

There is a large circle of vendors representing products from socially-conscious, Afghan made flip-flops and adventure web series, to custom built land-cruisers and recovery equipment. All the vendor reps are relaxed and knowledgeable. They're typically happy to talk about all topics off-road or adventure travel and there's usually a keg behind the counter if your Hydroflask pint is running low..

~The ladies of Expedition Overland taught 6 classes this year, each one better than the last! This video shows the ladies racing in the Sahara Desert... More on that in Taylor's Post~

There are classes offered on subjects like food prep for long-term travel and tire repair and there are talks given by my overland heroes about their experiences. 


As valuable as taking classes and talking to vendors is, some of the greatest learning experiences come from simply wandering camp with a beer or breakfast burrito (or both, overlanders won't judge you) and chatting up the other attendees. I guarantee each and every one of them has something to teach. 

There's a special brotherhood among those with similar rigs, and there's plenty of friendly ribbing to go around, especially toward those Land Rover guys..